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Start Your Training Now in Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage  for Facial Contouring, Lifting & Rejuvenation 

Online Training for Estheticians & Manual Therapists with a Focus on Holistic Beauty 

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I would like to attend your next in person class

or receive private training. Please contact me.

How will you join?
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We offer private and semi-private training in Montreal as well as intensive group classes in Montreal or Toronto.  Email us to tell us what your needs are and how we can best help you expand your skillset to offer Buccal Facial Massage to your clients.  Our Expert Instructor Maureen Hannah Maher would be happy to set up a live virtual or telephone chat with you. 

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65+ year old woman several years after having buccal fat removal in cheek area. Notice the hanging fat and lymph pockets at the base of the jowls and under jawline.

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Same day, after only ONE 75 minute Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage with Maureen Hannah Maher, Instructor.  Notice smoother facial contours and lifted, less bumpy jawline.

Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage for facial beauty and contouring is growing in demand thanks to celebrity clients.   

Come learn this incredible new form of intra oral massage that focuses on treating facial muscles to sculpt and lift the cheek are while draining lymph.  Designed by Maureen "Hannah" Maher, Esthetician, Osteopath, Massage Therapist and Cosmetic Acupuncture Practitioner, you will learn her unique approach to holistic beauty that incorporates her over twenty years of experience and knowledge of facial massage, body mechanics, the lymphatic system, facial acupressure points and massage activation techniques that can dramaticallly change the contours of your clients faces in just one 75 - 90 minute treatment!

This intra-oral and external massage approach provides pain relief, improves to complexion through blood flow increase thanks to these unique intra-oral techniques, lifts the cheek, sculpts the naso-labial area to create a more attractive mouth and smoother cheek area, firms the jaw line and reduces puffiness under the chin, providing a more sculpted jawline, all while being incredibly relaxing to receive.   When you train with us, you can attract new clients looking for this expensive and prestige service, dramatically increase revenue, and stand out from your competitors. 

Group Classes in Montreal or Toronto

This is an advanced class designed to be Workshop style, with lots of hands on one-on-one time with your Instructor and a maximum of 8  students.  Class participants must be experienced Esthetician or Massage Therapists with prior training and experience in either swedish or facial massage and can demonstrate a high degree of professional maturity and ability to follow hygiene procedures that are necessary for intra-oral techniques. 


Participants must also recruit a practice model in the afternoon for all three days.  If travelling from outside Montreal to attend this class and need help finding practice models, please contact us for help in securing practice models after you have ensured you meet the eligibility criteria and have registered.








What is included in the classes or private and semi trainings?

1) A copy of the course manual containing images of every technique taught as well as facial muscle and lymphatic anatomy.


2) An assortment of facial oils for different skin types and explanations of how to chose facial massage oils according to skin type.


3)  A synthetic doll face to practice locating facial muscles and lymphatic system and to take home afterwards for further practice

4)  Template of forms to use during your new client consultation including a Client Intake & Health History Form

5) Step by Step Consultation Protocol to ensure your success and client retention.

6) Demonstration of a full array of techniques with group practice and practice on volunteer models


5)  Pricing and Marketing Strategy for this prestige treatment to ensure you price this service competitively and earn top income


6)  Attestation of CEU hours or Certificate of Completion if student demonstrates proficiency in technique, hygiene protocols, and professional judgement.

Some of our recent students are already full booked within less than three months after completing this course.  Others had a waitlist of clients requesting this service even before they enrolled.  All are now charging top dollar for this in-demand service and are bringing a whole new dimension of holistic health and beauty services to their daily work.


offered by the Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy & Manual Therapy

can be reached at (438) 865 - 6355 Mon - Thurs 9am - 6pm Fri 9am 3pm  Eastern Time

Group or Online Training Options:
Option #1
Attend 2 day in person course in Montreal or Toronto
click here to inquire
Option #2
Attend 2 day in person course + access to all of the training videos for three months
click here to inquire
Option #3
Attend our next 2 day in person course plus access to the full online course for one year
click here to inquire
Option #4
Full Virtual Learning Experience - access to three week 12 module online Certification course for one full year 
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Our Registration Policies

All students are responsible for ensuring that you have arranged to have a live practice models for the afternoon of all three days. If you are travelling from out of town to Montreal and have been unable to recruit models, please contact us for assistance as we do advertise locally and often have sufficient volunteers for all students.

Students must prove basic proficiency of protocols, techniques, comply with all hygiene standards and demonstrate a high degree of professional judgement to be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

This is a level 3 advanced class for mature practitioners only. Professional and respectful conduct and adherence to all hygiene protocols is required at all times. Our Instructors reserve the right to remove a student whose behavior is unprofessional or is disrespectful to the models, other students, or Instructor with no refund provided.

Students who enroll using our partial payment plan are responsible for ensuring that their second payment is made in full  no later than two weeks before the class starts.  Because of the small number of students accepted in these classes, we do not refund enrollments to students who default on any of the above terms.  Arrangements can be made, however, to attend a future class if urgent medical circumstances prevent you from attending a course that you are registered.

By enrolling in one of our group classes, you are agreeing to our above mentioned policies.  

Our Montreal Classroom
Some great moments in class
20231120_143520 (1).jpg
20231120_143429 (1).jpg

 The Manual

Workbook Cover - Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage Sept 2023-page0001.jpg
page example 2 from Workbook - Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage-page0001.jpg

Previous Classes:


Sunday August 13, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Versailles Academy

Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage for Estheticians:
A holistic Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

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Enrollment is now closed

November 20 - 21, 2023

Montreal, Quebec Canada

Buccal Facial Massage for Massage Therapists:
A Manual Approach to relieving Facial Edema, Sinus Congestion & TMJ Pain (2 day class)


Montreal, Qc  January 22 - 23, 2024

Buccal Facial Massage for Massage Therapists & Healthcare Practitioners:

A Manual Approach to relieving Facial Edema & Sinus Congestion  (2 day class)


Montreal, Qc  February 19 & 20, 2023

Buccal Facial Massage for Massage Therapists & Healthcare Practitioners:

A Manual Approach to relieving Jaw Pain &
TMJ Dysfunction  (2 day class)

Montreal, Qc Canada June 17, 18, 19, 2024

Buccal Facial Sculpting Massage for Estheticians:
A Manual Approach to Facial Rejuvenation & Beauty Contouring

open to Massage Therapists, Estheticians and Manual Therapists with Massage Experience

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